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Machine learning is complex and sometimes challenging. Getting the knowledge of how to use it shouldn’t be. That’s why we created the Expected X Fundamentals Courses.

Whether you are just starting to apply machine learning in your business and need to cover the basics, or are already on your way and need more in depth customized training, we have the right solution for you.

Our courses are live, not recorded – you’ll have a live instructor, live attendees, and get live answers – for the best training on the market, you’re in the right place.

*NOTE: Courses subject to rescheduling based on number of attendees. Refunds available.


Expected X Fundamentals Courses


Machine Learning


Deep Learning


Natural Language Processing


Computer Vision


EXCAP Certification Program


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Fundamentals Course – $800/Student

Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python

Our machine learning introductory course provides a more comprehensive overview of the topic and omits deep learning. This 2-day virtual workshop dives further into the topic of machine learning to give participants time to explore additional supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Participants gain hands-on experience building and testing models using the industry’s most widely-used programming language, Python.

Fundamentals Course – $800/Student

Deep Learning Fundamentals with Python

Our deep learning introductory course explores the foundational, theoretical, and philosophical aspects of the field. This 2-day virtual workshop gives participants additional time to work with Artificial Neural Networks, the basis for most applications in deep learning and artificial intelligence. Participants gain hands-on experience building and testing models using the industry’s most widely-used programming language, Python.

Fundamentals Course – $800/Student

Natural Language Processing Fundamentals with Python

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Fundamentals with Python is an introductory course designed to give participants foundational knowledge in extracting value from unstructured text. It’s estimated that 80% of a business’s data is unstructured and text-based. Most of this data goes to waste and is never used as a source of valuable insights or an input to more elaborate predictive models. NLP is machine learning and deep learning applied to this type of data. This course covers the basic building blocks of NLP from processing raw text, document classification, extracting information from text, and the applications of NLP in modern business.

Fundamentals Course – $800/Student

Computer Vision Fundamentals with Python

Computer Vision (CV) Fundamentals with Python is designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge on how we teach computers to “see.” One of the main uses of deep learning algorithms (especially as a part of AI development) is to teach computers how to process images in a meaningful way. Computer Vision covers algorithms that teach computers how to classify images with the appropriate label (i.e. is it a picture of a dog or a cat?), how to generate their own images based on previously seen images of a certain type, transfer learning, and emotion detection. Computer Vision is a building block for many applications in artificial intelligence.


Expected X Certified Analytics Program (EXCAP) 

Give your analytics and engineering professionals the foundational knowledge, applicable skills, and certification they need to jumpstart their careers in the multi billion dollar machine learning industry. The EXCAP program combines all four fundamentals classes into a month-long cohort culminating in a rigorous final exam and capstone project. Unlike the multitude of self-directed, massive open online courses, or “MOOCs,” available in the field today, the EXCAP is live, guided, and challenging. The EXCAP is earned not just given away!

Our Consulting Services

Looking For Something More Involved?

You don’t want to learn Machine Learning for yourself – you want a partner to build it into your business the right way.

Expected X is first and foremost a consultancy – and our goal is to your company with the data strategy they need to win.

That’s why we created DataLaunch – our full-service process for equipping your company with the tools & resources you need to win with data – now and in the future. We designed it from the bottom up to improve your processes, set your business up the right way now, and wow potential investors.

Of course, we can also create fully-custom training programs for your team, and even augment your team in the workplace to achieve your machine learning & data analysis goals.

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