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Gathering data is good. Using it is better. Using it well requires the ability to extrapolate from the patterns within the data to make consistently better choices.

Expected X offers the fully-customized Integration Services solutions that you need to use your data well.

We also offer basic courses for companies that are looking to get started with machine learning.

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Machine Learning Training / Consulting Services

Full-Service Startup Data Strategy


You’re a startup looking for Series A funding.

You know that VCs and Angel Investors are going to ask about your data strategy. You want to be ready with a top-flight plan when they do.

That’s why we created DataLaunch – our full-service process for equipping your startup with the tools & resources you need to win with data – now and in the future.

We designed it from the bottom up to improve your processes, set your business up the right way now, and wow potential investors.

Backend Services

Integration Services

In order to start using your data well, you need to understand what machine learning can do for your business. That’s where we come in. We don’t just know machine learning. We know how to apply it to all sorts of business situations.

The fundamentals of machine learning stay the same from one industry to another, but you can apply the insights uniquely to any area of your company. That’s where our custom trainings come in.

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