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As a startup looking for Series A funding, you know that VCs and Angel Investors are going to ask about your data strategy. Going in without a top-flight plan that will win them over to your side is not an option. And creating a plan on your own is like trying to build a spaceship out of cardboard and duct tape.

That’s why we created DataLaunch – our full-service process for equipping your startup with the tools & resources you need to win with data – designed from the bottom up to improve your processes, set your business up for long term success, and wow potential investors.


Rolling the dice with Series A Venture Capital funding can feel like you are “going all in” in a rigged game against the house.

Your startup’s future depends on a single decision from a few investors, who are looking for any reason to boot you out the door along with your pitch deck. Failing to have a clear and understandable data strategy is a shortcut to being laughed out the door.

Defining your data strategy does not have to be overwhelming and you don’t have to carry that burden alone. With a DataLaunch from ExpectedX, you can position yourself as a future-proofed, innovative, and inevitably-successful startup, which VCs & investors will love.

How DataLaunch Works

Step 1

Apply for a Clarity Session

Get on the phone with one of our experts and secure high-level guidance (and a clear path forward) for your data strategy & Series A pitch.

Step 2

Implement Your DataLaunch Strategy

Instill confidence in your investors by implementing the same model that Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, and Booz-Allen-Hamilton have used to create data-driven success for their brands.

Step 3

Get Funded!

Data Strategy & pitch plan in hand, you can apply for Series A with confidence! But not only can we get you through the funding stage, we can help you implement ongoing data strategies based off our initial work so you can continue to build on your data-driven success.

I certainly hope I have an opportunity to work with him again.

John is a forward thinker, who’s consultative approach provides actionable insights that leave both positive and measurable outcomes throughout the organization he works for and the businesses he is helping.

Steven F. – Business Development, Nielsen

Really impressed.

Was really impressed with his knowledge of machine learning, clear presentations, and numerous real-world examples. John took the time to construct several practice labs which helped reinforce the material and provided a template to follow for future applications.

Mike C. – Manager, Cisco

Solved real world business problems with data science.

He showed his passion for data science and how to use it for real world business problems. The five labs using google Collaboratory were very helpful, including regression, decision tree, clustering, model tuning and deep learning. He also pointed out many resources and reference if one needs to explore deeper into the topic.

Simon Y. – Program Manager, Cisco

Well-prepared - I recommend John's consulting services!

John is very knowledgeable about the subject, his presentation material is very well prepared, that and the combination of theory with practical examples makes the overall learning experience very enjoyable and entertaining. I would recommend John for his dedication, professionalism and style to anyone looking for training or consulting services on the subject.

Francisco P. – Program Director in Data Analytics

Data Science for real business growth

How Are We Different?

You don’t want to learn Machine Learning for yourself – you want a partner to build it into your business the right way.

But when you look for a consultancy to come help you implement a robust data strategy, most don’t have the business acumen to apply it to your situation – and often they don’t have the real-world experience to draw from in building something that’s going to work exceptionally well.

We started Expected X to solve that problem – if you’re going to work with a machine learning consultant, you need one that knows business, that knows your business, and can give you everything you need to face your challenges and thrive.

The DataLaunch is the best, shortest, most exciting path to a flourishing startup built on a solid data strategy and Series A funding. Let us take your startup to the next level.


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