Empowering Business Growth Through Machine Learning

If your business has customers, you have data. And if you aren’t using it (let alone using it well) you are leaving money on the table.

Machine learning provides a new method for turning the mountains of data at our fingertips into usable recommendations based on scientific predictions.




Machine Learning & AI Training / Consulting


About Expected X

We Create Data-Driven Business Growth

No decision maker is perfect, but with machine learning, you can move beyond guesswork and gut-feelings.

Expected X is here to help. We offer the training and services your company needs, whether you are new to using machine learning or if you are hoping to focus in and get more in-depth results.


Master the Machine Learning Basics

Machine learning is complex and sometimes challenging. Getting the knowledge of how to use it shouldn’t be. That’s why we created the Expected X Fundamentals Courses.

Whether you are just starting to apply machine learning in your business and need to cover the basics, or are already on your way and need more in depth customized training, we have the right solution for you. Better business decisions are only a course away.


Expand to Team Augmentation & Customized Trainings

Gathering data is good. Using it is better. Using it well requires the ability to extrapolate from the patterns within the data to make consistently better choices.

Expected X offers the fully-customized, professional training and team augmentation solutions that you need to use your data well.

World-Class Machine Learning Experts

Every aspect of business involves data. We collect mountains of data every second for every transaction and decision we make.

Your ability to learn from that data and make accurately informed decisions can make the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

Expected X has the expertise and practical understanding of machine learning that can help you transform your decision-making processes, by developing the systems you need to make sense of your data quickly and to help you make objective, defensible decisions.

We’ve worked with Fortune 100 Companies, publicly-traded tech startups, and 70,000-employee enterprises. Chances are we can help you too!


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