"SecondaryFirst" allows clients to truly understand their research objectives prior to engaging in a full-fledged project that may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Expected X believes that many research questions can be answered with freely available data or with data the client already has themselves. 

SecondaryFirst follows a very specific, proprietary process to guide clients through each stage of developing a research objective/hypothesis. By fully understanding the root cause of your business issue, Expected X makes the most important step in the research process (and sometimes most expensive) simple and accessible – often times negating the need for additional expenditure with a major research supplier. 

Application-oriented Research (AoR):

"Application-oriented Research" is our bread-and-butter. This is where Expected X really differentiates itself from other big name research firms. We believe that research does not end with the presentation of results in the ubiquitous PowerPoint presentation. It ends when applications of the research lead to real, measurable value and ROI.

Similar to SecondaryFirst, AoR follows a well-defined, proprietary process from beginning to end. We believe that clients should always be aware of what they can expect. We frequently combine both SecondaryFirst and AoR into one cohesive package to guide you through the full life-cycle of a research project.

Research Department Augmentation:

Do you have an existing market research department? Expected X provides clients with on-demand expertise and skill augmentation to compliment your current team. Does your organization require a research department but lacks the budget for full-time staff? Expected X fills the role on an project-to-project basis but with the same knowledge continuity you'd receive from a dedicated employee. Expertise in:

  • Traditional Research: Survey design/analysis, focus group moderation, sample design/procurement, etc.
  • Next Gen Research: Predictive modeling, R programming, interactive data visualization, dashboard/infographic engineering, etc.