Expected X was founded on the principle of putting the value back into market research. More often than not, research is purchased, performed, presented…and then put away never applied to the very business objective it was designed to address. To Expected X, this is unacceptable. Research is a process designed to clarify direction in organizational decision-making. While most research engagements seemingly end after the presentation of results, Expected X sees this as only the halfway mark. We work with organizations to show how research isn’t just data – research drives action.

Who We Are:

Expected X is a consultancy and trusted adviser for organizations that expect to do more with their research than let it collect dust on a shelf. We are a lean, virtual organization that taps industry leaders on a project-to-project basis. This allows us the freedom to call on only the most talented industry experts to tackle your particular challenges. It also gives us the capability to work across multiple industries without the limitations of employing full-time staff that may not be the best fit for your project. We believe research is only valuable if it can be applied to achieve your organizational goals. Don’t expect to receive a PowerPoint presentation and a pat on the back from us! Insights are a dime-a-dozen and often aren’t very insightful to begin with – we produce applicable outcomes.

What We Do:

Expected X does not believe in a “cookie cutter,” product-oriented approach to research. The issues organizations face are often unique to their particular place in the market and trying to conform to the capabilities (and shortcomings) of a research product is like trying to fit the square peg through a round hole – it just doesn’t work. Often these approaches do not fully address research objectives and therefore do not provide maximal value for your projects. Expected X takes a different approach to research by providing three services: