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Expected X is a predictive modeling consulting partner specializing in helping organizations make use of data to drive their business by instilling machine learning and deep learning capabilities.

John Sukup is Founder and Principal Consultant at Expected X.  John has spent over a decade in the data analytics and research industries working for some of the most well-respected names in business including The Nielsen Company and BlueCross BlueShield. He has experience consulting and data modeling in healthcare, consumer tech, government projects, retail, insurance, and finance. John received his BS and MS from Purdue University.

A message from our founder:

Today, a data revolution is taking place and businesses of all sizes across nearly every industry have begun to evolve their corporations into ones that use predictive modeling to grow and thrive. It's no longer a "nice-to-have" capability but a necessary one for modern business success.

Predictive modeling is one of the most common enterprise applications of machine learning and deep learning. It allows us to find complex patterns in historical data for predicting future outcomes using probability and statistics. Not only does this allow businesses to make smarter, more precise decisions, but it also opens the door for process automation and in some respects, artificial intelligence (but don't get too excited about that -- we are still a far way off from what many consider AI).

Sadly, the demand for professional machine learning/deep learning engineers is far greater than the supply. I see two viable approaches for mitigating this problem (unless you want to wait a decade or longer for the supply increase):

  • Professional Training: Give your current workforce the skills they need to start on the path to becoming machine learning and deep learning practitioners. This option is typically far less expensive than paying top-dollar for Ph.Ds and can achieve comparable results.
  • Augmenting Your Team: Every predictive modeling project is different and requires a different set of skills. Often, you can fill some of these roles but not all of them with your current workforce. Hiring outside consultants to fill these skill gaps is effective two-fold: you can get exactly the skills you need and you don't need to deal with hiring a FTE who may never be called on again to utilize those skills.

We live in exciting times where we have yet to see the full power of machine learning and deep learning outside academia. While there is, indeed, a lot of hype around this field today (especially in AI) I think we will see many promising applications in the business world.

Connect with us today so together we can begin your journey towards growing your 21st-century business.

John Sukup,

Founder and Principal Consultant, Expected X