What does ‘Expected X’ mean?

Roughly put, when an experiment is repeated over and over again, the average outcome is referred to as the "expected value." This is commonly written as "E[X]" which is where we derive our name. We believe in the philosophy of research providing value over time -- value you can measure.

How would you describe your process?

While every engagement leads to a unique solution, we do adhere to a systematic approach when working with our clients. All initial consultations begin with a 3-step process to determine a highly-focused research objective. From there we explore available data assets, both internal to your organization and external. If we cannot arrive at a solution through analytical methods alone, we design and guide you through the research process from beginning to end. Ultimately, our goal is to give you peace-of-mind and satisfaction knowing you are maximizing your research spend by only investing in what you actually need.

What kind of outcomes should I expect?

A traditional market research firm will conclude their engagement (if not relationship) with a client via the PowerPoint presentation. While we believe presentations serve a valid purpose, that purpose is definitely not to exist as a report -- or even a "final deliverable." Our first concern is arriving at an applicable solution to your need. Further, in every engagement we try to tie outcomes to real dollar amounts either saved or gained by applying the results of our partnership together.

What types of clients do you serve?

Expected X is designed to handle clients from nearly any industry. Our network of on-demand subject matter experts gives us a broad range of industry expertise. We couple that with our analytics team to create a robust research solution that is highly adaptable. Whether you are a healthcare system investigating telemedicine adoption or a retailer interested in launching a targeted marketing campaign, Expected X's systematic approach to research and data analysis will guide you along every step of the process. We serve clients that understand the value in well-designed research and are willing to partner with us as an integral component to the engagement.

How are you different than other research and data analysis firms?

That depends entirely on the value you can derive from working with us. We are different than traditional research firms and consultancies in a few ways. First, we never approach clients with a product-based solution. We feel every situation is unique and requires treatment as such. Second, we always begin every engagement by analyzing the data you already have. This alone has saved many of our clients thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent with a major research firm.